Silver Nano Technology

Nanosilver has become one of the most widely used nanomaterials in consumer products because of long standing proven research of its antimicrobial properties. Silver nanoparticles work against bacteria only in ion form — there must be a loss of an electron to become positively charged. Silver ions pierce through the external surfaces of the cells and damage their DNA, as well as the protein structure, halting their metabolism and reproduction until they die. After the cells have become inactive, silver ions leave but continue to act against microbes, delivering a constant antimicrobial performance with no toxicity or side effects.  Natural Silver’s antibacterial properties have a proven long-standing reputation as an effective way to resist and kill more than 650 kinds of harmful bacteria.

The generic disposable face masks can neither block all pathogens nor eliminate them, making a discarded mask a route for disease as the pathogens multiply in its fibers. This is where the silver-nano masks have an edge. The Silver-nano anti-bacterial face masks were produced to meet international standards.